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The Hippie Butter Library is collection of books and videos courses to help you live a longer, and healthier life. It's our way of paying it forward!
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Complete Guide To CBD
Medicinal Uses For Medical Marijuana
Bulletproof Keto Diet
The Benefits of Coffee
Living a Vegan Lifestyle
Eating Organic
Healthy Mindsets Series
Weight Loss For Life Series
You Get All Of This And More
  • Living Gluten-Free Book Series: Get ready to start feeling better (VALUE $149)
  • Bulletproof Keto Diet: Award winning diet plan (VALUE $249)
  • Keto Diet Mini-Series: Take your Keto Diet to the next level (VALUE $247)
  • Vegan Lifestyle Books: Four fantastic books about going vegan (VALUE $147)
  • Vegan Lifestyle Videos: Eight videos that makes going vegan easy (VALUE $349)
  • Eating Organic: Better for you & better for the planet (VALUE $49)
  • Hippie Butter Book Series: Get all 3 original HB books (VALUE $99)
  • ​Cannabis Book Series: Learn the science behind CBD and THC (VALUE $99)
  • Health Benefits of Coffee: Discover 30 amazing health benefits (VALUE $99)
  • Healthy Beverages:  The healthiest beverages in one place (VALUE $127)
  • ​Healthy Mindset: Most important consideration for personal growth (VALUE $347)
  • ​Adult Coloring Books: Groovy art therapy that will help your mind relax (VALUE $99)
  • ​The Weight Loss For Life Books: Maintain your perfect weight for life (VALUE $247)
  • More Books & Videos: Coming Very Soon (VALUE Priceless) 
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